Rules of the forum.

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Rules of the forum.

Post by Kevi on Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:46 am

1. No canon characters. Period.

2. You are currently limited to those species which have appeared in Andromeda. That is, humans, asari, salarians, turians, krogan, and angara.

3. Characters deemed to be powerful enough are subject to admin approval. These include but are not limited to N7s, Spectres, Blackwatch, high ranking politicians, and faction leaders of any kind.

4. I shouldn't have to say this however... there will be no bigoted language of any kind towards any group of people. There will also be zero tolerance toward the posting of pornographic images. Familiarize yourself with forumotion's rules regarding post content. They're basic but if you're caught violating them you will be banned immediately.


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